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Hello everyone,


I'm pleased to announce the Board of Directors has officially approved the creation of {TCG}'s very own Public Relations Team. I'm also pleased to announce that I will be heading up this team. For those who may not be aware, I led the PR team (formerly the media team) for nearly a year starting in early 2016.


The role of the Public Relations team is to create, coordinate, and maintain effective PR campaigns for our community and its servers. The PR team is the face of {TCG} and in many cases they are the first people prospective players will interact with. As such, the team works very closely with with community and division leadership to ensure that everything is informative, captivating, and is up to our highest standards.


The Island Life and Minecraft Divisions of {TCG} will be participating in coordination with the PR team. The 75th Ranger Regiment already has a successful in-house recruitment team so they will not directly participate in advertising their division via the PR team. That said, 75th members are more than welcome to apply if they have experience in advertising/PR and they want to help the community grow.


Prospective applicants can check out the new application here:


At this time we do not require applicants to be {TCG} Members, but this is certainly subject to change without notice. All applications received will be carefully reviewed by myself (@Walrus), and Division Leadership. Once we have a team roster established, voting will also go to team members. I believe this to be the best way of ensuring that everyone at the table has a voice; it is crucial we build a cohesive team to increase efficiency.


Thats everything I can think of at this time. Edits may come later - if so they'll be documented in the comments below.

I look forward to looking through applications and hopefully conducting some interviews!

Thanks everyone!


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