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Good evening everyone,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to bring everyone up to speed on changes to the website.

  • All form and application links are now in one spot, easily found and categorized in the top menu bar. There may be some overlap (contact the board), but they are relevant to the sections duplicated in. I've opted to leave the 75th MEPS application out of the MILSIM drop down to make it easier to find for new members.
    • Community
      • {TCG} Member Application (Not implemented yet)
      • Name change request
      • Tag request
      • Contact the board
      • Anonymously contact the board
    • Minecraft
      • Moderator Application (Not implemented yet)
      • Appeal a ban
    • ArmA 2 Island Life
      • PD Application
      • EMS Application (Not drafted yet)
      • Appeal a ban (Not drafted yet)
    • MILSIM (75th Ranger Regiment)
      • 1st Cavalry Application
    • 75th Ranger Regiment MEPS
  • Staff & Rules have been amalgamated into one drop down menu. It now contains the Staff Directory, a Staff Portal, Community Guidelines, and it will link up to the various division related rules when those are made available.
  • A Support section has been created, but does not contain anything at this time. It will be the future home of an FAQ section, guides on how to install mods, and more.
  • A Contact Us drop down menu has been created to house the Contact the Board form and the Anonymously Contact the Board form. Modifications have also been made to update the anonymous contact form.

Other updates include:

  • Staff directory updates.
  • Leadership structure update.
  • Introductions forum created under the "General Discussion" section in "The Community Square" header.
  • Footer updates.
  • Welcome message updates.
  • {TCG} Member private discussion area created.
  • Name change request form modified and updated for enhanced clarity. (It is specifically for requesting to have your NAME, not RANK changed.)

Known issues:

  • We are aware of an issue with the CW5 group not displaying a tag. It will be fixed shortly.
  • Donation module displaying "August Donation Goals" instead of "September Donation Goals".


That's all I've got for now. I'm pleased to announce Gamerz ArmA 2 Island Life division server is getting close to release, so stick around! Great things are coming to {TCG}! Leave any comments, thoughts, suggestions, concerns, etc. below!

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Bump, one more update to let you guys know about.


In the 'Who's Online' section of the main forums page (at the bottom), I've updated it to more efficiently display ranks. Previously, it exclusively displayed the 75th ranks, and nothing else. With the arrival of Island Life, I figured it was due time for an upgrade. 


Please bear in mind that this is actually still a work in progress - we're modifying the colours to make it easier to read and establish which rank goes with their respective group.

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