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From the BBC: The V-2 Rocket | 11 November, 1944

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* * *

A Radio Broadcast from the BBC

26 September, 1944

* * *
This is London Calling in the Home Service of the BBC.

Mr. Churchill’s disclosure yesterday in the House of Commons makes it possible to reveal information more detailed information about the explosions witnessed in parts of Britain and France.

Nazi Germany has deployed a long-range rocket, known simply as the “V-2”, against civilian targets in the United Kingdom and France. These rockets, launched from continental Europe, are capable of striking targets in Britain. The explosions in London, Paris, and elsewhere were the result of these rockets detonating.

This marks a new stage in the Nazi campaign of terror against civilians. The Luftwaffe all but hamstrung, the Blitz of London is no longer practicable. In its place, Hitler has ordered these V-2 rockets launched against Allied cities.

The deployment of these rockets seems a desperate attempt to instill fear on the Allied home front. The cost in damage and loss of life is much less compared to the Blitz, but this is perhaps little consolation to the residents grappling with the new dangers, with the destroyed homes and neighborhoods.
Earlier in the week, Hitler announced the V-2 in a propaganda broadcast, necessitating Mr. Churchill’s disclosure of yesterday. Hitler ordered the start of the V-2 campaign ostensibly in retribution for the Allied bombing of Germany. But it seems a desperate response, a rather futile attempt to symbolically counter the rising tide of Allied victories and Axis setbacks.

(The V-2 Rocket)


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