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From the BBC: the State of the War | 26 August, 1944

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* * *
A Radio Broadcast from the BBC
26 August, 1944

* * *

This is London Calling in the Home, Overseas, and European Services of the BBC.

The great columns of the Axis powers are shaking under the blows of the Allies. But for every blow, there is a cost. This war still bears horror.



Paris is liberated. On the 24 August, Free French Army forces held the city following civilian and French Resistance uprisings against the occupying Nazi forces. Yesterday, 25 August, 1944, the US Third Army under General George Patton marched beneath the Arc de Triomphe to meet General Philippe Leclerc’s Second Armored Division of the Free French Army.

General de Gaulle, from the balcony of L’Hôtel de Ville, declared Vive la France!



But one may turn one’s thoughts to the newest French “capital”: battered Saint-Lô, the Capital of Ruins. The city is unrecognizable today but as a monument to the tenacity of German resistance.



* * *



On the Eastern Front, the Soviets pressed the German military to the very gates of Warsaw. The Polish Home Guard rose up against the German occupiers and held the city open to the Allies.



But the Soviet forces remain on the eastern bank of the River Vistula. The Soviets refused to aid the uprising in Warsaw.



The Polish Home Guard was not communistic and hoped to assert itself ahead of the Soviet advance. Instead, despite the efforts of British and later American supply drops, the Home Guard has been obliterated.



Little news has trickled from Warsaw since then, but whispers indicate new rounds of mass executions and reprisals from the Nazi occupiers upon the already war-torn population.



And still Warsaw braces for the upcoming battle, for the Soviets to cross the Vistula and meet the Germans.



* * *



In Asia, the Japanese invasion of India was last month smashed at the battles of Imphal and Kohima - the latter now being called “the Stalingrad of the East.” The Japanese army has suffered an unprecedented defeat, almost unfathomable numbers of its soldiers lie strewn across land still held by the British Crown.



On the back foot, Imperial Japanese Army remnants stumble back across Burma.



Yet the Kuomintang forces in China continue to suffer from their recent defeats against the Japanese, whose hold over China remains strong.



* * *



And all over the world, despite the gains, despite the liberations, despite the victories - still we must turn our eyes to our silent friends, the freedom-loving people of the world, yet under the yolk of Axis domination.



Though many are now freed, many are yet under the screw. But we may hope that we are approaching the day when the world may wake from this nightmare of war.


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