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Community Expenses - 6/1/2017

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As you are all aware, we request $150.00 in donations each month in order to keep the lights on and servers humming. Below is a breakdown of this $150.00 and how it is allocated.

Server #1 (ArmA 3 and Squad)


Server #2 (TS3 Server)


IP.Board License and Hosting


TeamSpeak Licensed Hosting Provider for 64 Slots

$4.17 ($50.00 / year)

Donations Add-on for IP.Board

$1.67 ($20.00 / year)

TCG Reserve Funds


Total Monthly:

$120.82 (Not including Reserves)

Total Annual:

$1,449.84 (Not including Reserves)


We ask for $150 each month in order to build an emergency reserve should we fall short on any given month. Reserve funds are also used to purchase or upgrade current services.

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


Board of Directors, {TCG}

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