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B. Peavy

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  1. B. Peavy

    New Build is officially complete will be posting pictures later!
  2. B. Peavy

    -- UPDATE After several attempts to reinstall windows, and install drivers I've have decided to purchase new parts. I will be rebuilding my pc this afternoon, and depending on the parts time of arrival may be able to make the OP tonight. Unfortunately the issue seems to be on of the following: CPU Motherboard PSU Most of those parts are around 3-5+ years old and been through some shit. I was able to get the PC from crashing but am now hit with "Invalid floating point operation" when trying to install any application. Combined with my "WATCHDOG_CLOCK_TIMEOUT" error points to a faulty CPU. I don't think its the PSU because the computer doesn't simply backscreen crash and Its 1000W rated so It's not like its running at full load ever. The fan also still works on it.
  3. B. Peavy

    Yea, I tried that but the issue still persisted.
  4. B. Peavy

    My computer is having issues atm can't even run discord without crashing. I have a couple of ideas: Unlikely: CPU (Unlikely as I have run an Intel CPU tester and passed all tests) RAM (Changed RAM set so also Unlikely) High Probability: PSU (It's old) - Likely dropping volts which is why my CPU is acting up. SSD Drivers (Some tech forms suggest) SATA Cables (Driver Issue currently looking into) GPU (BIOS ISSUE) Unfortunatly can't install drivers without crashing so this is turning out to be a tall order to fix. The error is BSOD: (CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT)