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    Good Evening Phalanx Company, With the holiday season approaching us, Phalanx and Warlord company will be going through a special "Holiday" campaign which will put Phalanx in the boots of the 75th Ranger Regiment and 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment during Operation Overlord and the subsequent push east towards Berlin. Tentatively, our campaign will begin on December 1st with either the 75th or the 505th, which is were YOUR vote comes in. If we begin our camping acting as our very own 75th, we will open the campaign as they did on Omaha Beach. If we begin our campaign acting as the 505th, (which helped pioneer our regiment's future development into becoming an airborne detachment) we will begin our campaign with a static line operation deep into enemy lines. We are estimating 8 phases for this holiday season. After that, we will continue our normal operations as the 75th Ranger Regiment, 2nd Btl, 2nd Company, 1st Platoon. Vote "505th" or "75th" below.
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    Worse comes to worse, restore your system to default.
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    Go to the drop down menu next to your account name on the top right and click on "account settings". From there, you will see an option for signatures, this is where you will make your edit. Center the text and provide the following: First Name Middle Initial Last Name RANK ABV, 75th Ranger Regiment/1st Cavalry Detachment Company Billet J Shop Affiliation (Skip if none) {TCG}Milsim Examples: John D Doe PFC, 75th Ranger Regiment Phalanx 1-1 Automatic Rifleman {TCG}Milsim Bill C Nye WO1, 1st Cavalry Detachment Cavalry Detachment Officer S1, S5 {TCG}Milsim
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    Want more action? Join the group on our mini ops by downloading the additional pack from the list here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1547864414
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    Are you launching with the mods enabled?
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    Opening up settings and lower your maximum connections to 2 or 1
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    I'm assuming this was already resolved?
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    We appesh the extra work you're doing walrus <3
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    Check the mod installation guide, it's in there. Here's a few tips: Do not use the internet while your sync is running. It's easy to go over your Bandwidth from my experience. Just have sync do its thing and occupy yourself with some TV or the great outdoors. If that doesn't work join TS and MEPS will help you out