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  1. Walrus

    Island Life Server Launch!

    Please see the ArmA 2 Island Life section of the forums for more information.
  2. To facilitate the quick granting of your tags here on the new site we now have a tag request form. If you are missing something here, please proceed here and submit the form to get your tags. Thanks! Please Note: No tags will be granted if requested via PM.
  3. Walrus

    You may be asking yourself what, exactly, it is that we do around here? Well, the answer is simple. {TCG} is a MILSIM Community. We have a MILSIM division referred to as the 75th Ranger Regiment. They have weekly operations and have been recruiting aggressively. They are, by far, our most aggressive and successful operation thus far. But, at the core, {TCG} is a group of friends. Fellow gamers that simply came together to enjoy playing games with each other. We have people that like simulation-type games and we have people that just enjoy batting around a soccer ball in Rocket League. Most of us like a little bit of everything. We don't just stick to the games that we have organized divisions for; we play a lot. You can hop on, meet some guys, and just play whatever floats your boat. We are a low-stress and high-reward gaming community where it's the people that really matter.
  4. You may review the Community Conduct Guidlines here: http://tcgaming.net/guidelines