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  1. O. Cas

    Yeah I just tried relaunching it and can confirm all mods are loaded.
  2. O. Cas

    ALCON, I am unable to access the server. Everytime I join I get the following error message. Missed out on the OP today and hopefully I could get this done before the first for RASP. So I followed the installation guide to a T. I checked armasync and the repository read back UPDATED. I reupdated the addons and eventually after about 30 minutes it read back OK. I rejoined the server and I still had the error in the screenshot attached. Also, the teamspeak radio add-on. I downloaded and it was confirmed enabled but when the operation started, everyone was talking at once. I couldnt figure out how to get on a "channel" and everyone was talking at once, now I get why yall have that addon. Too hectic. Any help would be appreciated in this regard. V/R Cas