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  1. Hare

  2. Hare

    all i had to do is replace the entire OS
  3. Hare

    Had to install new OS
  4. Hare

    had me download a microsoft debugger, had the debugger attach itself to the arma.exe process and read out everything it did
  5. Hare

  6. Hare

    So according to someone who knows way more than me, its getting hung up on loading its own icon
  7. Hare

  8. Hare

    I dont have money for win10
  9. Hare

    tried that, im in TS MEPS
  10. Hare

    Tried to join the Op last night but arma didnt come up after hitting play on the launcher Restarted computer, verified integrity, reinstalled arma, backed it up, crazy and sandman gave all the suggestions they could. I feel like I've tried everything.