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  1. Hagar

    {TCG}, The purpose of this thread is to give you an idea of how Tactical Combat Gaming is structured and who the key figures are. Board of Directors The Board of Directors is a Board comprised of both Directors and Advisors. The Board of Directors is responsible for all aspects of administration and management of {TCG}. The Board is considered to be top level administrative staff on all servers and as such, they are permitted to take administrative action at their will. Community Directors The Directors are the primary figures on the Board. They are responsible for both day-to-day operations and strategic planning of {TCG}. At this time, the Directors are: Hagar SandMan Advisors The Advisors are a unique role granted to those that the Directors recognize as having significant experience and wisdom to share regarding community leadership. At this time, there are no appointed Advisors. Division Leadership The Division Leadership is the middle-level management that directs all operations of their assigned division. At this time, the divisions and their respective leadership are: MILSIM Division (75th Ranger Regiment) [CPT] H. Hagar (Division Leader) [1LT] G. Randall (Assistant Division Leader) [2LT] J. Rosiene (Assistant Division Leader) [2LT] S. Brookes (Assistant Division Leader) [1SG] J. Busby (Assistant Division Leader) [SSG] S. Lounsbury (Assistant Division Leader)
  2. Hagar

    PM sent with procedure
  3. Hagar

    You can request a name change at the link below http://tcgaming.net/forms/8-name-change-request/
  4. Hagar

    Hello, I'm not sure where you got that A3Sync URL. It's not accurate. This is the URL: ftp://addons.tcgaming.org/.a3s/autoconfig Details on how to install the mods can be found here: http://tcgaming.net/blogs/entry/1-mod-install-guide/
  5. Hagar

    Hello everyone, We appear to have had a recent issue with our donation module on our website where it wasn't showing donations. We have reset the module for the new month and believe it has been fixed, so going forward it shouldn't be an issue. Rest assured, we did receive the donations. I still received them in the TCG paypal, and they will be considered a part of your total donations, including for purposes like your private TS channel. If you were someone who the website didn't credit their donation, send me a PM with your paypal email address and I'll manually update your donation total on your website profile and make sure you're included in the monthly donation thank you post. Sorry for the confusion, and as always, we thank you for all of your donations. Hagar, TCG Board of Directors