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    Hello fellow gaming enthusiasts,My name is gamerz971HD. I’m sure if you have ever had the opportunity to play on any of our community servers you know me well. I would like to first thank you all for your continued support for TCG. Without you, TCG would not have the ability to thrive as it does and will continue to in the future. This message is hopefully very exciting news to all reading. Tactical Combat Gaming has decided to bring back the most popular game server we have ever had the pleasure to host. Coming soon to Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead will be a forgotten legend.On behalf of TCG’s Island Life division, I would like to announce the re-release of ArmA 2 OA Island Life. This will not be the ordinary Island Life that you may have gotten used to playing years back. This is a new twist to an old classic that all will be able to enjoy and experience.TCG’s Island Life division has been working tirelessly to provide new, quality features that will make you forget what the original Island Life was all about. This new server will include tons of new features to enhance roleplaying and allow players to enjoy their gaming experience like never before. We as a community have learned from the mistakes of the past, in all aspects. We are structuring the divisions staff in order to provide the best experience possible to the player, with dedicated developers and enthusiastic, competent admins, this will truly be the way Island Life should be played.When? When is the server going to be released? That is the big question for you, but not for us. As I’m never fully comfortable giving an exact release date until the time is ready, I can give you a general idea. We are not talking years, quarter years, or even months. We are talking days.In order to stay up to date on the release (*cough* soon ) please be sure to check our forums regularly or just simply sign up. Singing up at does not only allow you to view our community forums, discussions, and announcements. It allows us to communicate through mass messages to all interested members via PM and email. This will allow you to sit back and relax until you get the release date message. Please take this time to create an account on our website so we can all stay in touch for this exciting release.I would like to thank you all on behalf of Tactical Combat Gaming, and I cannot wait to see everyone in Island Life!gamerz971HDArmA 2 Island Life Division Lead