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  2. BBC News By K. Portinga March 9, 2015 ____________________________________________________________ Armistice Over: Hostilities Break Out Once Again on the Korean Peninsula Following decades of tension in the area following the Korean War, South Korea resumed attacks on their foe, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, after South Korean Airliner Air Incheon flight KJ815 was shot down in South Korean territory on March 7th, claiming the lives of 177 tourists and South Korean citizens. North Korean representative to the United Nations Ja Song-nam pleaded his case shortly following hostilities in the region in front of the General Assembly yesterday, stating that it was a mistake that South Korea and Western nations are using a Casus Belli against North Korea. The United Nations is currently debating resolutions as a response to the incident, specifically over a potential investigation into possible intent behind the incident. Foreign affairs expert Charlie McGrath said in a recent article that the cause of this was the recent ‘Foal Eagle” training exercises occurring between the United States and South Korea, which may have made the North Koreans anxious and more likely to accidentally shoot down a commercial airliner. United States Secretary of State John Kerry argues otherwise, “This was a blatant attack on South Korean citizens by an evil and violent regime”. The international response has been somewhat delayed, with responses from China, Russia, France and United Kingdom not yet public. The United States has aided South Korea in their response to the attack, ending the nearly 62 year old armistice.
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    Sunday Operation

    Please see the Operation forum for further info on the Operation. Please note that on average Operations last around 2 hours total. Please be in the server 15 minutes ahead of time!
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    Wednesday Operation

    Please see the Operation forum for further info on the Operation. Please note that on average Operations last around 2 hours total. Please be in the server 15 minutes ahead of time!
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    Mod Install Guide

    The best way to download our mods is using our Arma 3 Sync. It will download AND install your mods, with the exception of Task Force Radio for Teamspeak. Our installation process is split into 3 different sections listed below. Arma 3 Sync Installing Task Force Radio Launching your mods If you are having any problems with seeing the images, you can right click on the image and click "open in a new tab". That will open a new tab with a full sized picture. Thank you for your interest in our unit! If you have any questions, mod-related or otherwise, please feel free to ask any NCO on the Teamspeak or personally ask me by finding me on Teamspeak or adding me on steam. arma3sync-installer-1-6-92.exe
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    We would like to thank everyone who donated for the month of June, we passed our goal by $2.95 Thank you to the following: Remember, every donation counts no matter how small!
  7. I would like to thank all of those who donated to our Operating Expenses for the month of May 2017. We met our goal of $125! Thanks to all of those listed below: Greatfully, Board of Directors, {TCG}
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    As you are all aware, we request $150.00 in donations each month in order to keep the lights on and servers humming. Below is a breakdown of this $150.00 and how it is allocated. Server #1 (ArmA 3 and Squad) $86.99 Server #2 (TS3 Server) $7.99 IP.Board License and Hosting $20.00 TeamSpeak Licensed Hosting Provider for 64 Slots $4.17 ($50.00 / year) Donations Add-on for IP.Board $1.67 ($20.00 / year) TCG Reserve Funds $29.18 Total Monthly: $120.82 (Not including Reserves) Total Annual: $1,449.84 (Not including Reserves) We ask for $150 each month in order to build an emergency reserve should we fall short on any given month. Reserve funds are also used to purchase or upgrade current services. If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Board of Directors, {TCG}
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    Sheer curiosity now, but how the fuck did Dedmen (whoever that is) figure that out
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    Uhhhh wut how is that even a thing...if I program doesn't load an icon it typically launches with a blank icon