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  1. Welcome to {TCG} Tactical Combat Gaming Server Name: {TCG} Tactical Combat Gaming | Mixed Maps | Teamwork Location: Chicago Current Number of Admins: 21 Discord: https://discord.gg/N6dQZnt Server Owner Discord: J. Martinez#6518 Public TeamSpeak: ts3.tcgaming.org Website: http://tcgaming.net/ Bio: TCG is comprised of Active duty military personnel and civilians who enjoy the tactical side of gaming. The majority of members have thousands of hours in Squad and Project Reality. We've been running 65+ man MILSIM operations in Arma 3 for over four years and now want to dive into the Squad scene. Mission Statement: To facilitate an environment that revolves around Teamwork and Communication. If you are tired of joining servers that are oozing with immature COD players that would rather run off solo and get clapped then communicate, if you're sick of seeing 1000092827827 helicopter squads, and if you want ACTIVE admins that force communication and teamwork this is the server for you. If you're a new player and you want to be surrounded with others that are communicating and willing to teach you the intricacies of the game(how it's meant to be played)then this is definitely the server for you. Rules that get you a warning 1. Vehicles requiring a crewman kit MUST have two players. 2. Locked squads must be two or more players and be named the reason for the lock. (ie. Clan name/MBT/APC/Heli/Logi) 3. Squad Leaders must have microphones AND a Squad Leading kit. 4. Helicopter squads may only have two players and dedicated armored squads may only have four!(exceptions if the squad has more than one asset/IE two MBTs squad may have 6) 5. Don't intentionally sabotage your team, work together. 6. You may not be within 300 meters of the enemy base. ONLY exception is if your team controls all objectives. 7. Special assets IE Heli/Armor/APC are first come first serve, claimed with the squad name. FOR EXAMPLE if there are two Blackhawks the first two helicopter squads that show up on the list get them, all other squads will be deleted or change. Anyone complaining about this in chat will get a warning, get over it and play the game. 8. No team killing for any reason. If it's accidental(it happens no big deal) just apologize in team chat. 9. NO MUSIC/SOUNDBOARDS, NONE CARES THAT YOU HAVE A SOUNDBOARD AND HAVE A CRAPPY TASTE IN MUSIC. (only exception is fortunate one while riding in a helicopter) Rules that get you banned instantly 1. Recruiting 2. Trying to Ram ANY asset with a helicopter 3. Trolling / Griefing 4. Direct attacks on people, racism, homophobia, and general douchiness
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