Welcome to {TCG}!

Welcome to {TCG}! If you were looking to apply to join our Arma 3 MILSIM unit, the 75th Ranger Regiment, enlist HERE!


Be sure to join us on Teamspeak (ts3.tcgaming.org) and see what we're all about!


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


We've always had the philosophy of the unwritten rulebook, however, we've decided it'd be in the best interest of the Community to clarify what our expectations are going forward. We seek to eliminate the gray area and ensure that all rules are as clear as possible.


Section I

General Conduct:

  1. Have respect for every person regardless of who they are, what they play, or why they play. Flaming or abusing users or staff in any way will not be tolerated.
  2. Personal attacks, racism, and other forms of discrimination in a public atmosphere will be removed without warning. Users or Staff who violate this rule will have their tags immediately removed and they will receive a ban which is dependent on the severity of the infraction.
    1. To clarify, this includes, but is not limited to, public Teamspeak channels such as the Lounges, public operations channels/offices, public Slack chats (such as canadachat), and public forum sections.
    2. Teamspeak channels that are locked via password are exempt from this rule. Private, locked Slack channels are also an exemption of this rule.
    3. While we do not require adherence to the community rules within channels paid for by donations, you are required to adhere to the community standards for anything that is able to be seen by the public without entering the channel. This includes the name of the channel, the description, the topic, the icon and channel images within the description. This also includes any changes of client names within the donor channels.
  3. Posts/threads deemed to be spam, trolling, advertising, inappropriate (NSFW, warez, piracy, links to phishing sites, etc.) or entirely off-topic are not acceptable, and posts/threads that are deemed as such will be removed and the user will be punished accordingly.
  4. Always strive to help make {TCG} the premier venue for MILSIM. From simply welcoming new members to helping with mission design by voicing your thoughts, submitting suggestions, engaging in proactive discussion, and more. There are so many ways you can help contribute to the community, you just need to have the initiative and tenacity to put those into effect.
  5. Unsolicited representation of Tactical Combat Gaming, or any affiliate or Division of {TCG} is strictly prohibited regardless of circumstance. Potential advertisements must be approved by a Community Management member (Division Leadership or Board of Directors) before being posted. Users who violate this rule will face immediate disciplinary action.
    1. To clarify, this does not include personal Youtube or Twitch videos/streams. The purpose of this rule is to void the possibility of users posing as an official entity of Tactical Combat Gaming.
  6. Permanent ban evasion, for bans stemming from particular circumstances, is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate firewall ban. This includes previous bans made prior to the switch to our current forum system. Firewall ban appeals are not permitted and creating alternate identities (forum account, TS3 identity), using VPNs to circumvent punishment, or attempting to appeal it via alternate platforms is also prohibited.
    1. Definition of ban evasion: Creating an alternate identity or using alternate methods (IE: VPN) to avoid punishment.
    2. The Board of Directors maintains the right to create exceptions in certain circumstances where deemed appropriate. These exceptions will be granted on a case by case basis and are never precedent for another individual's appeal.


Section II

Staff Conduct:

Any individual who holds a staff position within an entity of TCGaming is subject to this guideline as well as the General Conduct Guidelines AND Division specific rules. Staff committing infractions must be reported to the Board of Directors immediately. As such, individuals currently occupying the following ranks are considered staff and are required to adhere to the subsequent policies:


75th Ranger Regiment

  • Commissioned Officers
  • Non-Commissioned Officers
  • Chief Warrant Officers
  • J-Shop Commandants


  1. Staff are to create, maintain, and promote a friendly, professional working environment for all users at all times.
  2. Staff must always exercise vigilance regarding their jurisdiction and powers.
    1. Certain staff are strictly considered Division Specific Staff. This means they may only perform their duties in their division’s related Teamspeak channels, forum area, and on other division related media (if approved by division/community leadership). Speak to your Game Division or Team Leader if you are unsure about whether your role is considered division specific.
  3. Except in extreme circumstances - such as immediate, legitimate threats to the wellbeing of the community as a whole (DDOS/DOS threats, etc.) - staff are not permitted to take administrative action in any way (including threatening, moving, kicking, etc.) in a private locked donor channel. If a channel violates the Community Guidelines (IE something inappropriate in a publically visible channel description) please seek out a member of the Community Management Team (Division leadership or the Board of Directors) immediately.
  4. When submitting bans (temporary or permanent), Staff must follow the standard ban format outlined in the Community Operating Procedures section of the forums. Incorrectly formatted bans may be reverted or modified if they do not meet the standard format guideline.


Please note:

Any sitting member on the Board of Directors may ban users indefinitely at any time without advanced notice (at their sole discretion).


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