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    I will always keep my mods up to date
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    I will always keep my mods up to date
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    I will always keep my mods up to date
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    I will always keep my mods up to date
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    MEMORANDUM FOR 75TH RANGER REGIMENT, 2ND BATTALION, 2ND COMPANY, DESIGNATION “PHALANX”, 1ST PLATOON SUBJECT: UPDATED MOD-PACK ACTION ITEM: PLEASE UPDATE YOUR MOD-PACK BEFORE CONNECTING TO SERVER. INFO: Mod-Pack Update now available for the new campaign! Please update your mods accordingly and allow adequate time, this is a large update. "I will always keep my mods up to date"
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    Good to go
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    Good to go
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    Go to the drop down menu next to your account name on the top right and click on "account settings". From there, you will see an option for signatures, this is where you will make your edit. Center the text and provide the following: First Name Middle Initial Last Name RANK ABV, 75th Ranger Regiment/1st Cavalry Detachment Company Billet J Shop Affiliation (Skip if none) {TCG}Milsim Examples: John D Doe PFC, 75th Ranger Regiment Phalanx 1-1 Automatic Rifleman {TCG}Milsim Bill C Nye WO1, 1st Cavalry Detachment Cavalry Detachment Officer S1, S5 {TCG}Milsim
  11. Hagar

    {TCG}, The purpose of this thread is to give you an idea of how Tactical Combat Gaming is structured and who the key figures are. Board of Directors The Board of Directors is a Board comprised of both Directors and Advisors. The Board of Directors is responsible for all aspects of administration and management of {TCG}. The Board is considered to be top level administrative staff on all servers and as such, they are permitted to take administrative action at their will. Community Directors The Directors are the primary figures on the Board. They are responsible for both day-to-day operations and strategic planning of {TCG}. At this time, the Directors are: Hagar SandMan Advisors The Advisors are a unique role granted to those that the Directors recognize as having significant experience and wisdom to share regarding community leadership. At this time, there are no appointed Advisors. Division Leadership The Division Leadership is the middle-level management that directs all operations of their assigned division. At this time, the divisions and their respective leadership are: MILSIM Division (75th Ranger Regiment) [CPT] H. Hagar (Division Leader) [2LT] J. Rosiene (Assistant Division Leader) [2LT] D. Cal (Assistant Division Leader) [CW5] C. Lintner (Assistant Division Leader)
  12. by T. Hoffman May 5th, 2015 North Korean, South Korean and Allied negotiators will soon meet to discuss a peaceful resolution to this conflict, said the North Korean state news agency today. The broadcast came after a devastating series of raids against high-profile North Korean targets, which Allied officials say have significantly hampered the North's ability to wage war. Although Pyongyang has not issued any official statement on their goals for the talks, some United States negotiators suggest that Pyongyang will have little choice but to either accept the Allied terms of Surrender or walk away from the negotiations altogether. China’s Xi Jingping has declared a halt to the supply of weapons and military aid to North Korea after an alleged chemical weapons attack against Allied troops in the region, according to the Xinhua state news agency. The attack drew broad criticism from the international community last Saturday, which was largely decried as a violation of human rights and international law. According to one top Canadian diplomat, the Chinese decision comes after ‘tremendous’ international pressure on China to punish North Korea for the attack. The conflict in North Korea has been raging for around two months, and taken a devastating toll on the Korean people. The destruction has been mostly limited to the north of the peninsula, but the already suffering economy and low levels of functioning industry mean that any accurate estimates of the civilian death toll will most likely never be known.
  13. Hagar

    PM sent with procedure
  14. J. Baker

    i joined up awhile back, played one op as a private(cherry new guy) then due to some personal issues could no longer play. I have yet to attend RASP and just as i was going to check availability it appeared that i could not access the necessary forums. I hope to get this issue resolved so that i can get proper instruction then partake in operations
  15. North Korea Used Chemical Weapons, say Allies By K. McCalmont 3rd May, 2015 A joint statement released by Allied Command today accuses North Korea of using chemical weapons on advancing Allied troops in the peninsula. North Korea allegedly deployed chemical weapons against a U.S. ranger regiment during an assault on a North Korean airbase surrounded by civilian villages. North Korea has not responded to this statement, but in the past has denied using chemical weapons in violation of international norms. The statement suggests the attack was not highly effective, due to previous knowledge of North Korean chemical weapons and sufficient preparation by the Allied regiments to combat the threat. Although international law does not prohibit nations from utilizing chemical weapons in cases of self-defense, the use of chemical weapons nearby to or on civilians is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention and international law.
  16. Reports this morning are emerging of North Korea's secretive Chemical Weapons Program. Code-named “Red Yankee”, a source in the Pentagon says that the US military has evidence that shows North Korea is developing chemical weapons in the dense jungle covering the south-western coast of North Korea. Large parts of this area remain under enemy control despite a multi-national attempt to remove all enemy forces in the area. A chemical attack on a US Marines base has now been confirmed by the Department of Defence. No Marines were killed and only minor injuries were reported. A raid on the source of the attack has revealed a significant testing and development base. Specialist chemical warfare soldiers are on the scene, and the US expects to have international inspectors on site within hours. The development and use of chemical weapons signify a significant escalation in North Korean tactics, which have so far been only conventional. A Spokesperson for the Department of Defense declined to comment any further.
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