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  4. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1zpkswHEOvgCWCqPHhMNEmOgAWUob38nirjTnvMAhi_o/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Mod Install Guide

    The best way to download our mods is using our Arma 3 Sync. It will download AND install your mods, with the exception of Task Force Radio for Teamspeak. Our installation process is split into 3 different sections listed below. Arma 3 Sync Installing Task Force Radio Launching your mods If you are having any problems with seeing the images, you can right click on the image and click "open in a new tab". That will open a new tab with a full sized picture. Thank you for your interest in our unit! If you have any questions, mod-related or otherwise, please feel free to ask any NCO on the Teamspeak or personally ask me by finding me on Teamspeak or adding me on steam. arma3sync-installer-1-6-92.exe
  6. Good Evening All, The follow updates have been made to the Phalanx Company Standard Operating Procedure The position of EOD has been renamed to Combat Engineer, to better reflect the duties of the MOS and increase the scope of its responsibilities The position of Designated Marksman has been added to the MOS list The position of Anti-Air Specialist has been added to the MOS list The Block 2 variant of the M4 is now allowed A section regarding muzzle attachments has been added to Article VIII to specify that no muzzle attachments are authorize, with the exception of suppressors when required for mission The Kevlar Helmet uniform issue has been updated to include the FAST ballistic series as authorized wear Mandatory equipment issues has been updated to cover advanced medical equipment requirements Please contact platoon staff if you have any questions! Thanks, CPT M. Hagar, Joint Operations Manager
  7. Sunday Operation

    Please see the Operation forum for further info on the Operation. Please note that on average Operations last around 2 hours total. Please be in the server 15 minutes ahead of time!
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