Welcome to {TCG}!

Welcome to {TCG}! If you were looking to apply to join our Arma 3 MILSIM unit, the 75th Ranger Regiment, enlist HERE!


Be sure to join us on Teamspeak (ts3.tcgaming.org) and see what we're all about!


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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  5. SandMan

    Mod Install Guide

    The best way to download our mods is using our Arma 3 Sync. It will download AND install your mods, with the exception of Task Force Radio for Teamspeak. Our installation process is split into 3 different sections listed below. Arma 3 Sync Installing Task Force Radio Launching your mods If you are having any problems with seeing the images, you can right click on the image and click "open in a new tab". That will open a new tab with a full sized picture. Thank you for your interest in our unit! If you have any questions, mod-related or otherwise, please feel free to ask any NCO on the Teamspeak or personally ask me by finding me on Teamspeak or adding me on steam. arma3sync-installer-1-6-92.exe
  6. J. Busby

    Hey man! Launch teamspeak and complete whatever set up process it has nowadays; then when that's all set look at the top left and you should see "connections". Click on that, then click "connect" and paste this in the Server nickname/Address box "ts3.tcgaming.org" and make your nickname whatever you want. Hope this helps.
  7. C. Hughes

    I have never used team speak before and I can't quite figure it out. I have it downloaded but I don't know how to get to the TCG server or talk to anybody. Please help.
  8. M. Brandone

    Hey Edmonds, If I had to take a guess it is because you are a former member. No need to recruit you twice, right? Swing into the TS and look for myself or someone with an "S-1" tag to get you sorted. Also if you don't have it anymore, here's a link to the discord: https://discord.gg/qc8pwRK
  9. R. Edmonds

    I was unable to submit the application to join and it said “you do not have permission to submit this forum”
  10. J. Busby

    Good Morning Nuggets! TCG currently has two official divisions. The ArmA III division sports 2 milsim units that function together in tactical operations against AI on Wednesday and Sunday Nights. The Squad division runs events with other communities in PVP operations and staffs a admin team to run the public server. Both are focused around tactical game-play and you can be a member of one or both to get yourself rolling with the group again. Applications can be found in the drop down menu above!
  11. C.Nuggets

    Hello All! Some of you who have been around for years may remember me, after a very long hiatus I am returning to the gaming life. I'd like to ask what the best direction would be to get back into things? I used to be a Member and an admin but I don't expect to be an admin again any time soon! Any help is great, Cheers! C.Nuggets
  12. L. Lukic

    But then I got kicked from the reserves from being inactive, do I need to re apply?
  13. T. Bullock

    Your application was submitted, received, and approved on 1/7 http://tcgaming.net/topic/2419-approved-lukic-luka-contact-a-recruiter/
  14. I filled it out, and I think I submitted it but im not sure. Any help?
  15. T. Bullock

    The operations server is not up 24/7, only during scheduled operations and mini-ops. There are a lot of common error messages that Arma will display even when mods are installed correctly, you'll have to be more specific to get help with that.
  16. A. Mosley

    I recently joined and am unable to find the 75th server. The only server I see is the training grounds. I have also downloaded my mods but when I tried to get into the training grounds it told me something had been deleted?
  17. D. Chang

    Yes but we give you that while you're doing your MEPS since it is mainly unit announcements. To talk with someone you can hop on our Teamspeak at ts3.tcgaming.org or you can make a contact a recruiter form.
  18. P. Archer

    Do you guys have a discord
  19. E. Peeta

    In the future, feel free to raise issues such as this with myself as I am the S-5 Vice Commandant or with your chain of command. It was an oversight and has since been corrected. Thank you for your kind suggestion to post these on the website somewhere. It was actually a good idea and I would've done it immediately had you brought it to my attention.
  20. D. Chang

  21. N. Pandas

    You guys have 3 platforms of communication. One for voice, text chat, and formal posts. I naturally would not look on teamspeak for that information. no one has anyone given me the inclination to do so. That is information I assume would be pinned in discord, it isn't, or on the forums. It was 5 hours since me looking on the forums, asking on teamspeak, looking on discord for the information to be in my hands. And I did look on the server launcher and searching TCG did not net the correct result.
  22. D. Chang

    You could also search TCG on the arma launcher and find our server when it is up. Just an alternative.
  23. D. Chang

    If it took you 5 hours idk why you looked everywhere but the ts.
  24. N. Pandas

    Found it. A little more direction would be nice- Even just saying: Is enough to make someone roll their eyes. -- But you are the first person to point to that. It's great that I know that now, my post still applies concerning its lack of organization and access to information for other new members. Having it only in: S5 General Operations Operations Room Description Is just not good enough. The effort to make it available on discord/the website/forum posts is minimal and saves the user's time. As it is, it took me 5 hours to get this information.
  25. D. Chang

    Server IPs can be found on the teamspeak.
  26. N. Pandas

    I have been a part of the community a short time, 4 days as of posting this. I am not usually one to attempt to bug people and I am generally to myself. Either this is an absolute cluster fuck or it is seemingly unimportant not to list anywhere that I could find and that is: The fucking server IPs I asked four people, One did not know, then another, I assume, either did not understand what I was asking or mentally checked out and said fuck it and joined the server. The other two I could not get ahold of, but they were in the server. One even commented "There isn't a lot of people doing this OP". As such I missed the opportunity to join the Op tonight. The organization out of game is another topic entirely. Shit, I'd enjoy partaking. Is it possible to list the IP/port and password with the post confirming the Op? Just for Organizational sake of clarity and that a new person, like myself, doesn't have to be tethered to people. I haven't been on this particular server so I wouldn't even have it favorited-- But through that, It would be nice to just not have to ask "Hey what server is the OP on". I've looked: http://tcgaming.net/forum/2-news-announcements/ http://tcgaming.net/forum/3-important-information/ (Where I assumed it would be) http://tcgaming.net/forum/7-support/ (Just tech support) http://tcgaming.net/forum/10-alcon/ http://tcgaming.net/forum/11-operations/ (Where I also assume it would be) http://tcgaming.net/forum/12-trainings/ (Where I assume the training server IP would be, but nope) http://tcgaming.net/ (even just somewhere on the home page) There is no resource for someone to Find the server IP on their own, they need to bother someone. V/r N. Panda
  27. Hagar

    Sunday Operation

    Please see the Operation forum for further info on the Operation. Please note that on average Operations last around 2 hours total. Please be in the server 15 minutes ahead of time!
  28. L. Holmes

    Martinez found a fix that has worked for me so far involving the launch parameters. I will update if I experience the crash again.
  29. J. Busby

    Is this on the ArmA III client? With mods? I might be able to help but I'd need more info
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