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  22. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1MzqQtykqjA5ZR2HOHRGRG6s_JAL32JnbsmFI4PPnxJU/edit?usp=sharing
  23. Mod Install Guide

    The best way to download our mods is using our Arma 3 Sync. It will download AND install your mods, with the exception of Task Force Radio for Teamspeak. Our installation process is split into 3 different sections listed below. Arma 3 Sync Installing Task Force Radio Launching your mods If you are having any problems with seeing the images, you can right click on the image and click "open in a new tab". That will open a new tab with a full sized picture. Thank you for your interest in our unit! If you have any questions, mod-related or otherwise, please feel free to ask any NCO on the Teamspeak or personally ask me by finding me on Teamspeak or adding me on steam. arma3sync-installer-1-6-92.exe
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