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    You'll be back Hooah
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  5. D. Chang

    Yes but we give you that while you're doing your MEPS since it is mainly unit announcements. To talk with someone you can hop on our Teamspeak at or you can make a contact a recruiter form.
  6. P. Archer

    Do you guys have a discord
  7. E. Peeta

    In the future, feel free to raise issues such as this with myself as I am the S-5 Vice Commandant or with your chain of command. It was an oversight and has since been corrected. Thank you for your kind suggestion to post these on the website somewhere. It was actually a good idea and I would've done it immediately had you brought it to my attention.
  8. D. Chang

  9. N. Pandas

    You guys have 3 platforms of communication. One for voice, text chat, and formal posts. I naturally would not look on teamspeak for that information. no one has anyone given me the inclination to do so. That is information I assume would be pinned in discord, it isn't, or on the forums. It was 5 hours since me looking on the forums, asking on teamspeak, looking on discord for the information to be in my hands. And I did look on the server launcher and searching TCG did not net the correct result.
  10. D. Chang

    You could also search TCG on the arma launcher and find our server when it is up. Just an alternative.
  11. D. Chang

    If it took you 5 hours idk why you looked everywhere but the ts.
  12. N. Pandas

    Found it. A little more direction would be nice- Even just saying: Is enough to make someone roll their eyes. -- But you are the first person to point to that. It's great that I know that now, my post still applies concerning its lack of organization and access to information for other new members. Having it only in: S5 General Operations Operations Room Description Is just not good enough. The effort to make it available on discord/the website/forum posts is minimal and saves the user's time. As it is, it took me 5 hours to get this information.
  13. D. Chang

    Server IPs can be found on the teamspeak.
  14. N. Pandas

    I have been a part of the community a short time, 4 days as of posting this. I am not usually one to attempt to bug people and I am generally to myself. Either this is an absolute cluster fuck or it is seemingly unimportant not to list anywhere that I could find and that is: The fucking server IPs I asked four people, One did not know, then another, I assume, either did not understand what I was asking or mentally checked out and said fuck it and joined the server. The other two I could not get ahold of, but they were in the server. One even commented "There isn't a lot of people doing this OP". As such I missed the opportunity to join the Op tonight. The organization out of game is another topic entirely. Shit, I'd enjoy partaking. Is it possible to list the IP/port and password with the post confirming the Op? Just for Organizational sake of clarity and that a new person, like myself, doesn't have to be tethered to people. I haven't been on this particular server so I wouldn't even have it favorited-- But through that, It would be nice to just not have to ask "Hey what server is the OP on". I've looked: (Where I assumed it would be) (Just tech support) (Where I also assume it would be) (Where I assume the training server IP would be, but nope) (even just somewhere on the home page) There is no resource for someone to Find the server IP on their own, they need to bother someone. V/r N. Panda
  15. D. Medina

    Stay motivated with the fear of being average. Stay dangerous.
  16. T. Bullock

    Good to go ......... Kill
  17. Good Evening All, The follow updates have been made to the Phalanx Company Standard Operating Procedure The position of EOD has been renamed to Combat Engineer, to better reflect the duties of the MOS and increase the scope of its responsibilities The position of Designated Marksman has been added to the MOS list The position of Anti-Air Specialist has been added to the MOS list The Block 2 variant of the M4 is now allowed A section regarding muzzle attachments has been added to Article VIII to specify that no muzzle attachments are authorize, with the exception of suppressors when required for mission The Kevlar Helmet uniform issue has been updated to include the FAST ballistic series as authorized wear Mandatory equipment issues has been updated to cover advanced medical equipment requirements Please contact platoon staff if you have any questions! Thanks, CPT M. Hagar, Joint Operations Manager
  18. K. Gallant

    It’s been real. Hooah!!
  19. E. Peeta

    You'll always be first sarnt to me. Hooah!
  20. S. Myers

  21. D. Chang

  22. J. Busby

    DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY TACTICAL COMBAT GAMING - MILSIM COMPANY MEMORANDUM 1SG J. BUSBY 20190203 MEMORANDUM FOR ALL PERSONNEL IN TCG’S MILSIM UNIT UNDER THE COMMAND: “JOINT OPERATIONS, 227TH ARMORED SUPPORT/AVIATION, 75TH RANGER REGIMENT, 2ND BATL. 2 CO. Good evening Phalanx Company. It’s with a tremendously upbeat and doting heart that I bid farewell to all of you tonight. I’ve been with the Regiment since the days before we even identified as virtual rangers in early 2016 with an average player base being no greater than 20 on a “heavy” night. I’ve seen the unit’s best times and worst times, in game and out, and it was one hell of a ride. I look at all of you now and see nothing but great potential for future leadership with bigger elements and more complicated operations. Lest we forget that this is a community of friends. Whether you guys realize it or not, every Sunday and Wednesday when you hop on our Operations Server you’ve contributed greatly towards someone’s happiness and that's just fucking beautiful. Be there for each other like you always have been Phalanx, the road only gets longer for you from here. Just an additional that I can't really fit: I'll still be hanging out in team-speak and talking to you all on a regular basis. Might even spend some time on the public server in the future, hooah?
  23. Hagar

    Sunday Operation

    Please see the Operation forum for further info on the Operation. Please note that on average Operations last around 2 hours total. Please be in the server 15 minutes ahead of time!
  24. L. Holmes

    Martinez found a fix that has worked for me so far involving the launch parameters. I will update if I experience the crash again.
  25. J. Busby

    Is this on the ArmA III client? With mods? I might be able to help but I'd need more info
  26. L. Holmes

    Well I continue to get the status access violation crash after reinstalling everything, confirming drivers are updating, and caches are verified... Any thoughts/ideas?
  27. Good Afternoon Rangers, First off, Happy New Year!! I hope all of you had a great holiday season, and are ready for 2019! I know that for me, I achieved a lot of goals in 2018, both in my professional and personal life, and I hope I can keep up that progress for myself in 2019. I wanted to take some time, as I did last year, to reflect on how 2018 went for the the 75th Ranger Regiment, as well as lay out some of our goals for 2019. 2018 has indisputably been the strongest year for our unit since its inception in 2016, and has arguably been TCG's most successful since we started over 8 years ago. The unit has grown exponentially in size, especially over the last 3 months, and we are the biggest we have ever been. For the first half of December before the holiday season really started, we were setting a new attendance record nearly every campaign operation, and even through Christmas and New Years we were managing over 40 people on for main campaigns. We have successfully grown a unit that consisted of a single rifle squad and a detachment of 5 pilots into a company of 50 active duty soldiers across 4 rifle squads and HQ elements, and a cav detachment of 11 officers. That is unprecedented for us, and it's because of the commitment of each and every one of you that we have managed to achieve the success we did, which I have no doubt will carry into 2019. We also achieved a lot of progress behind the scenes. S-1 was able to identify new recruiting methods and restructure some of our procedures and paperwork to help make sure that we are recruiting and retaining everyone we can. S-3 completely rewrote their training packages and redesigned our curriculum to make sure we were getting everyone the information they needed as clearly and quickly as possible. S-1 and S-3 have worked together to make sure that we are being as attentive and flexible as we can with recruits to make sure they can make it to a basic, no matter their schedule. And S-5 has been able to re-organize their team and rethink their mission planning and execution techniques to create quality content for us 4-5 times a week. All of this has made a difference in getting us where we are, but the one immeasurable achievement that I have seen this year, that I personally believe has made more difference than anything else, is that we have finally become a community. Squad level NCO's have done a brilliant job of developing camaraderie with everyone in their squads. Individual members have gone above and beyond to create and run mini-ops to make sure that we're giving everyone in the unit something to do here almost every day of the week. And all of you have made the decision to make this your home, to hang out with each other on teamspeak and play games in unit channels, to be active in discord and get to know your fellow squad-mates, and to reach out to new recruits to make them feel welcome. All of this has made our unit more than just something to do for 2 hours on Wednesday and Sunday nights, and the effect this has had on our recruitment and retention has been outstanding. So I want to thank you all for your contributions to success in 2018! Because of all of this, we have been able to put even more changes in motion coming into the New Year that I think will keep us going forward. You can expect to see the introduction of Advanced Medical at the beginning of our next campaign. We will be setting up a selection process for a Forward Observer team that will give more options to ground forces and add depth to our combat. And, if all goes well, we will be opening a second platoon under second company! There is so much more we hope to do, and we can't do it without your continued support. So, again, thank you all for a successful year, and I can't wait to see where 2019 takes us! Rangers Lead The Way! Captain Matthew Hagar Company Commander Joint Operations Manager
  28. Press Advisory

    BBC Home Service Broadcast on VE Day President Truman Declares Victory in Europe
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