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Mod Install Guide

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The best way to download our mods is using our Arma 3 Sync. It will download AND install your mods, with the exception of Task Force Radio for Teamspeak. Our installation process is split into 3 different sections listed below.

Arma 3 Sync


It is important to download and install Arma 3 Sync to update your mods and to make sure they are not corrupted. To do so, download Arma 3 Sync from this link. Scroll to the bottom and click on the download link.


Unzip the file, run the setup wizard, and open Arma 3 Sync. When you open it for the first time, it will ask your for Arma 3 executable file.


Click "Select" and find your arma3.exe file in your Arma 3 directory (the same place where you can manually install mods) and click "Open".


Go to the "Repositories" tab and on the right, click the "Add a new repository" button (the blue plus button). It should pop up a new window that looks like this.


Copy our public auto-config URL: ftp://addons.tcgaming.org/.a3s/autoconfig and paste it into the first blank field labeled "Public auto-config url". Then click the "Import" button, and it should fill out the other blank fields.


Click "OK" and it will close the small window, leaving the repositories tab and a new repository called, "{TCG} 75th Rangers". Click on "{TCG} 75th Rangers", highlighting it, then click on the "Connect to Repository" button (the bottom one of the 6 buttons on the side).


That button will open a new tab named "{TCG} 75th Rangers" and will start checking files. Allow it to check files (this may take some time), and once it is complete, it will give you the list of mods and whether or not they are synced to the server or not. Exclamation points next to the checkboxes indicate that the mod is not the same as the version on the server. If your Arma 3 Sync looks like this, you have all your mods up to date and synced.



Installing Task Force Radio


To install TFAR, navigate to the "@TCGMilsim folder", then open the "TFAR Teamspeak Plugins" folder. Double click the "task_force_radio" executable. Then follow the install wizard.


Then launch Teamspeak and go to Settings > Plugins and enable "Task Force Arma 3 Radio."



Launching your mods


When you have all your mods completely downloaded and synced, launch your Arma 3 and on the launcher, go to the mods tab. Click on the "Local mod" button to add a local mod then navigate back to the Arma 3 directory and highlight @TCGMilsim and click "Select Folder".


That will close the small window and leave your "Mods" tab with the mods that you imported under "Available Mods". From there, check the mod which will move it to the "Loaded Mods" section.


Just click play in the bottom left and launch your game!


If you are having any problems with seeing the images, you can right click on the image and click "open in a new tab". That will open a new tab with a full sized picture.

Thank you for your interest in our unit! If you have any questions, mod-related or otherwise, please feel free to ask any NCO on the Teamspeak or personally ask me by finding me on Teamspeak or adding me on steam.



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